The Benefits Of Instant Hot Water Systems

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In many ways, our lives have been made much easier through the introduction of instant hot water systems. These are connected to the taps in our homes (such as those in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry), allowing us to have access to hot or even warm water whenever we need it. Apart from the fact these systems are instantaneous, do they offer our homes and businesses any other benefits? There are three different types of instant systems currently on the market, each with its own advantages and benefits.


This is the most commonly used of the three types of system currently on the market. You will need a plumber to install this type in your home, as it is connected to your mains water supply. The tank will heat the water and send it to the hot faucet when you turn it on. It also comes fully equipped with a number of useful features, including a filter and an adjustable thermostat. The great thing about this system is that you will never need to fill it and it is able to produce heated water in large volumes.


This is an instant system that is slowly growing in popularity; because it doesn’t utilize a tank at all, it is very light and portable. This option is perfect for homes that don’t have a whole lot of space, as they are much smaller than their storage counterparts. Many homeowners prefer this type because it doesn’t require a plumber for installation and it doesn’t use a whole lot of electricity, as it only heats water when required. Whilst it is an environmentally friendly option, you will need to refill it.

Heat Pump

This is the third type of system and is the newest on the market. Similarly to the tankless type, it doesn’t store water that is has heated and it doesn’t require a plumber for installation. The system is operated by either a built-in electric pump or a manual push down pump. It will heat water, much like you would do in a pot or kettle, before sending it to the hot faucet. Whilst it does feature an adjustable thermostat, you will need to refill it, as it possesses a maximum capacity of only 5 litres.

The main benefit associated with all three of the above instant systems is that they basically negate the need for a kettle, as you will be able to use the hot water provided for a number of cooking needs (such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, baby formula and even 2 minute noodles). This will improve the speed of preparing beverages and food, as well as helping to avoid the hazards associated with using a kettle. Notably, these include causing serious scalds from spills or touching the surface and burns to countertops.

If you are interested in a brand new instant hot water system for your home, we hope that the above information has provided you with an understanding of all the benefits that you will be afforded from making this decision. We also hope that we have provided you with everything that you need to know about each of the various systems on the market, allowing you to choose the one that will best suit your home. Good luck in your search for an endless supply of hot water and happy bathing and cooking!